Applicability at Designated Zone

A Designated Zone is an area which is determined by the cabinet decision and that meets the conditions endorsed in the country’s Regulation. Designated Zone is a VAT free Zone which is thought to be[...]

VAT Training by Cloudberry

Where ever VAT is a new concept, people do not have enough idea on how to deal with it and for them to comply to the new laws that have been passed and approved VAT training is a must for everybody.[...]

VAT Audit Services

We provide VAT Audit Services and VAT Refund Services to our customers to end the gap between VAT record and VAT reporting. We respect our customers with our important VAT Audit Services all over the [...]

VAT Transaction advising

VAT Transaction advising is all about guiding an entity about specific industry transactions. It is more relevant when the entity has a complex spectrum of transactions with multi products, services, [...]

VAT Return Filing and Compliance

Filing VAT return under the VAT regime is crucial as non-compliance and delay will result in penalties and affect your compliance rating and timely refunds.[...]

VAT registration Consultants

We facilitate registration of companies, institutions, and entities subject to value-added tax with the Tax Authority. Businesses that are required to register for VAT will need to set up an online ac[...]

VAT Accounting

Cloudberry can take care of all your VAT related accounting services. Compiling both input and output VAT records and generating VAT reconciliation and VAT return filing; you can outsource it all. Fir[...]

VAT Consultancy

Our experienced taxation team with exposure to different tax regimes is capable of advising and assisting businesses in the region to improve their systems and processes.[...]

About VAT

Value Added Tax was one of the indirect taxes which has been recently introduced in many countries. It is a consumption tax placed on a product whenever a value is added at each stage of the supply ch[...]