Cloudberry Aura

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Cloudberry Aura

In general, AURA denotes a field of energy thought by some to emanate from all things in nature and to be visible to certain persons with psychic powers. We Support and help Entrepreneurs through our detailed analysis, recommendations and interventions to activate unutilized resources which will help the organization to attain success in a very cost effective method.

Few activities under AURA:

Organization Readiness Assessment

  • Assess the organization’s aptitude for change

  • Develop the recommendations to guide the design of the change program and to transform the culture to attain the desired state

Skill Gap Assessment and Training Needs Analysis

  • Determine what skill gaps may exist on human resources that may affect their performance once the change is implemented

  • Develop a comprehensive training plan and associated material to support the change

Change Impact Assessment and Analysis


  • Identify key stakeholders

  • Understand stakeholder requirements and preferences

  • Establish change agents in the organization

Communication Strategy, Planning and Execution

  • Ensure adequacy, timeliness, consistency and that the context of communication is maintained

  • Establish a two-way communication network

  • Develop targeted communications to stakeholders with varying degree of buy-in for the change

Organization Design

  • Create organization design and governance models

  • Assess the impact of change on the organization structure

  • Develop an effective organizational structure to operate after the change

  • Determine which roles/responsibilities will be changed or eliminated