How to get tourist refund in Dubai, UAE

The new system relies on an advanced integrated digital system to set up a direct connection with points of sale as well as with all UAE ports of entry, allowing the global operator to coordinate among retailers registered with the FTA and enable tourists to submit refund requests for their purchases

“The system operator will be signing agreements with retailers to provide them with the necessary technology to connect with the FTA, as well as with airports, and land and seaports of entry,” said FTA Director General Khalid Ali Al Bustani. “Designated spaces will be provided where tourists can easily reclaim taxes. The digital system determines the taxes that are eligible for a refund and then reimburse tourists. This complements the Government’s commitment to implementing the UAE tax system and ensuring that it is in line with global standards.”



  • Goods in question need to have been supplied to the tourist within UAE
  • Tourist must have the explicit intention to leave UAE in 90 days from the date of supply, along with the purchased supplies
  • Goods in question must be exported out of the UAE by the tourist within three months from the date of supply
  • Tourist needs to have purchased goods from a retailer registered in the system
  • Purchase process must be carried out – and the goods exported – according to the requirements determined by a decision of the FTA
  • The goods in question must not be exempted from the refund
  • Dubai VAT

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